WHM> Is Your Business Running On High Cholesterol? Try WHMCS

What does WHMCS stands for? WHMCS (Wholesale Hosting Manager System) is a very popular web hosting billing and management system that allows you to manage all aspects of your web-hosting business in one place. As the name implies, it can help you manage your web-hosting accounts in one easy interface. There are different products designed for different customers. The primary benefits include:

WHMCS does not require you to install any special software on your computer. You can easily set up a WHMCS account in a matter of minutes. This is because WHMCS comes with a free starter version that allows you to easily set up and use the system. Once you have signed up for a WHMCS account, you can manage all your accounts on your own.

If you have to manually monitor and manage your accounts, you have to use an inbuilt control panel and you are usually required to create a password to access the control panel. This can be very time-consuming and difficult as well. With WHMCS, you can set up a dashboard that will automatically display your statistics so that you can easily see what’s going on.

In the past, when you need to manage multiple accounts, you had to go through a tedious and time-consuming process. You had to send each account to its own control panel, sign in, make a few changes and then put them all back in place. But with WHMCS, you can now set up just one dashboard with one account and you can easily access the various accounts on the dashboard using a password.

A WHMCS dashboard will also show you the current status of your account. You will be able to view your monthly usage, bandwidth usage, disk space usage, payment history and more. And you won’t even have to enter any passwords because all the information you need is displayed in the dashboard itself.

A WHMCS dashboard will also show you how much money you are paying for each service and how much is being billed per month for your multiple accounts. This will make you aware of which services are contributing to your monthly hosting expenses and which can be improved to save more money.

If you don’t like the idea of installing a control panel on your computer and using a free starter account, you can opt for a more advanced version of WHMCS. You can purchase a product called WHMCS Enterprise. But be warned that this product requires you to purchase a license first before you can start using it. If you want to run several different servers, you’ll have to buy a separate license for each of them.

WHMCS has been developed as an open source software and many other people around the world contribute to its development. The best way to find out if this software is right for your business or not is to try it.

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