Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare is the use of computer hacking to cause damage to a country, creating comparable damage to real warfare. There is substantial debate among experts on the definition of cyber warfare, and whether or not this phenomenon actually exists.

Cyber warfare is a term which refers to the internet, as well as computer networks of computers that use the internet. This term does not pertain to software that is used to run a computer network, or to the physical hardware of the network. This term is usually found in the context of information technology.

Many military experts argue that cyber warfare is a real phenomenon, and one which must be taken seriously. They argue that since the internet is used for communication purposes, the ability to hack into a network would be able to cause an increase in the level of danger. It can also cause the ability to hack into systems to be more efficient. Since most modern day computers are set up to connect to the internet, they are susceptible to attacks.

Experts who do not think that cyber warfare is real argue that the internet is set up for certain types of information to be exchanged, and that there are no means by which information can be changed in this way. It is also possible to prevent attacks through various methods. In some cases, it is possible for hackers to be prosecuted for attacking another person’s system, but there are very few cyber law violations that can result in serious legal repercussions.

Cyber warfare is becoming increasingly common as the internet becomes more of a standard part of life. Companies need to be able to access their networks from the public internet for various reasons. The ability to do this allows them to send their customers’ messages, post online, and take pictures and documents from their employees. Since the networks are protected by firewalls and other security measures, any unauthorized entry can be quickly detected. Most people don’t realize how much of an invasion of privacy these activities can be, because it is often hard to tell where someone is going or what they are doing.

Cyber warfare can have a major impact on business, although many people feel it is too speculative to have an effect on their daily lives. Cyber warfare has already been seen in the context of a hacker stealing sensitive information from several companies and leaking it in the hopes of causing a large enough public scandal to gain the attention of media outlets.

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