Types Of Web Hosting

A web hosting service is any sort of Internet hosting service which enables people and companies to create their own site accessible to the World Wide Web through an Internet connection. It can be described as a service that hosts one or more sites and the content, such as videos, images, text, etc. can be stored on the servers of Web Hosting companies. There are various types of Web Hosting available in the market today and they can be categorized into two main groups – Dedicated and Shared Web Hosting.

The dedicated web hosting account is the most costly of all the types. It is generally for large organizations and companies that have high requirements for bandwidth. In a dedicated web hosting account, the customer is provided with their own server with all the required software and hardware installed. Although it is the costliest of all the types of web hosting account, it gives the user total control over their server and the related applications, including security, bandwidth, control panels etc.

A Shared web hosting service provides users with their own server with shared resources, but at a lower price. This price is generally affordable by small businesses and individuals. Shared web hosting services provide users with the same benefits as a Dedicated Web Hosting provider, but at a much cheaper price. All the necessary hardware and software are installed on the shared server and the user is provided with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. With a Shared web hosting service, the customer is allowed the use of his own domain name and can upload his own files and applications.

There are several varieties of Shared Web Hosting Plans. The most common among them are the cheapest plan, which offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth; the medium-priced plan, which offer limited resources; the expensive plan, which require the user to pay an initial deposit and then regularly charge an annual fee; the Top loading plan, which host the most common files in the least amount of bandwidth; and the Dedicated web hosting plan, which host only specific files. The main difference between these is the Dedicated plan requires the user to pay an annual fee; the Top loading plan does not require an annual fee; and the Dedicated plan hosts one or more domain names on a single physical server, whereas the Top loading plan hosts several domain names on different servers. A Top-loading Web Hosting provider normally offers the least amount of resources and disk space.

Dedicated hosting plans have become increasingly popular in recent years as they are best suited for large business websites that require high bandwidth and disk space. For this type of Web Hosting service, the customer uses his own domain name, which is associated with his website, rather than using the same web hosting company as his customers use. Dedicated web hosting companies provide their clients with their own private server and assign this server to the client’s website. This means that each time the website requests a page, it is requesting information from the Dedicated web hosting company’s server. The server is generally connected to the Internet and has its own operating system and software. Since each customer’s server is unique, Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for businesses that have websites that are expanding in size.

Another type of hosting provider is the Shared web hosting provider. As its name suggests, the Shared web hosting provider hosts web pages on a server that is shared by many other clients. In contrast with the Dedicated web hosting providers, clients do not have their own server; however, they can have their own websites. The Shared web hosting providers offer limited storage space and bandwidth, although the customer can get much more if he so chooses.

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