Importance of Cyber Security Risk Management

Cybersecurity, computer security or information security is basically the protection of networks and computer systems against data loss, intentional access to or manipulation of their hardware, applications, or personal electronic data and the disruption or misidentification of their services. It aims at preventing, investigating, and prosecuting individuals or groups who carry out activities that result in unauthorized access to computer systems or data. Cybersecurity is a big issue nowadays, especially with the widespread use of the internet. Many malicious programs (malware, bugs, and viruses) are being developed. To prevent from having your system attacked by these external elements, you should understand the essence of cyber security.

There are many ways in which to protect your network from cyber attacks and other harmful external factors. One of which is to install and run a powerful firewall on your system. A firewall will protect your system from all the malicious programs running on the internet. Without any firewall, you are left vulnerable to all types of cyber attacks and other harmful elements. Another way to secure your system is to have a virus and spyware scanner installed. This will help you identify all the malicious software programs that are on the internet and block them before they can do harm to your computer.

Some companies have also started using Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IDS-PC) method to protect their computer systems from cyber attacks. Intrusion detection and prevention are a form of computer security that detects the possible attack on a computer system and then alerts the concerned personnel. They can either take preventive steps or conduct remedial measure. Computer security experts also use computer generated threat (CGT) analysis to identify the possible threats to your computer systems. If it has been identified then the appropriate countermeasure can be taken.

If you are unaware of a potential cyber attack then you must get a suitable Intrusion Detection System (IDS-PC) to prevent it. There are mainly three types of such systems available in the market namely Intrusion Detection System (IDS-DI), Firewall Protection System (FP-SP) and Computer Network Security (CNS). An IDS-PC is usually installed between the internal modem and firewall of a computer to detect the attack and then alerts the administrator. It has several components including an application detection facility that can detect if a particular program is infected, a rule-based authentication which blocks the infected program and a network monitoring that monitoring the activities on a computer system. You can either have IDS-PC installed internally or you can have one configured externally.

The most important aspect of cyber threats and the main factor responsible for their growth is the internet. Therefore, every company must be very careful about the cyber threats to their computers and their data. The companies must make use of different techniques like malware identification, data mining, threat modeling and other advanced techniques for accurate cyber security risk assessments.

A reputational damage management solution offers a number of services that help in preventing the occurrence of cyber attacks and data loss. It also helps in the quick identification of the events that lead to the exposure of a company. Apart from this, it helps in protecting critical business critical files by performing deep scans and in providing remedial solutions to the systems affected. This will definitely help in reducing the chances of major and critical business breaches.

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