Creating an Internet Security Hierarchy

Identifying layers of security in an organization’s network architecture is crucial to ensuring data is protected. This idea was inspired by Maslow’s theory, based on the needs of human beings. In Maslow’s hierarchy, safety and nourishment are atop the pyramid. Safety, entertainment, and emotional well-being are atop the pyramid, while adventure and enjoyment are at the base. The Maslow’s model is a useful way to structure a company’s internet security hierarchy.

One key area to focus on is monitoring privileged users. This group of users can unintentionally leak data or steal sensitive information. This makes them prime targets for hackers. As a result, many organizations closely monitor privileged users. The Insider Threat Report 2021 identifies privileged accounts, devices, and documents that are vulnerable to cyberattacks. To protect these accounts, organizations need to implement threat prevention and management to keep them under control.

IoT devices are especially challenging because they have the ability to collect and share data. Creating a security hierarchy that can scale to all types of IoT deployments is important. By limiting the access to sensitive data, the IoT market is projected to be worth $567 billion by 2027. However, security should always come first, especially when it comes to new technology. Security cameras, for example, can be used as attack vectors. If a printer is compromised, malicious actors could use the device to view important documents.

Organizations can develop separate rules and regulations for different user groups. These should support the overall policy, and each environment will require unique security measures. Individuals working in these environments must be held responsible for their actions. Furthermore, administrators should be empowered to reward and discipline employees for violating security policies. In some instances, organizations may even want to have a security coordinator for each user group. When this is the case, the security policies should be tailored to their needs and the level of the users.

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