Wireless Internet Qualification (WIEQ)

Internet, a packet switching system which has revolutionized worldwide communication and modes of trade by enabling different computer networks throughout the world to connect. Internet is a global system, which enables users to send and receive data over local area network. The users can establish a connection to any part of the world through a router or cable modem. This service has brought a revolution in today’s lifestyle and businesses. Users can now perform their regular activities from any part of the world through their computers.

To make the Internet a global mode of trade and communication, the Internet Protocol (IP) was developed. IP address is the internet addresses used to specify a particular computer on the internet. It is unique and assigned to a particular computer that is connected to the internet. Similarly, internet users are granted an IP address for every website they visit. The unique feature of the IP address allows users from various locations to access the same site at the same time.

Millions of internet users visit sites in the United States alone and it is said that the Internet is the biggest source of information on the entire planet. Because of this huge and increasing traffic on the World Wide Web, there are various laws which are framed to govern the behavior of the users on the World Wide Web. There are many laws which prohibit the websites of United States companies from accessing and sharing the sensitive data of millions of computer networks of the Chinese government. These laws were imposed because the United States government considers the Chinese government as the largest source of attacks on the American government. Apart from these major reasons, the Internet has also played a decisive role in developing the economy of the United States.

The growth of Internet and the way it has played a key role in transforming the lives of millions of people across the globe can be gauged from the fact that almost every individual of the world has a favorite social media network account on Facebook and Twitter. In the same way, every individual of the world has a favorite search engine on Google and Bing. Almost all the individuals of the world have a favorite online messaging service on Twitter and another popularly used service on Skype. And every individual of the world has their own blog on WordPress and Blogger.

All these services and more are available just by going online and searching. But not all these services can be found or used easily online. Similarly, not all the available broadband and high speed wires are accessible or usable for the purpose of accessing the Internet. This is the reason why many millions of internet users in the United States remain offline and continue to remain connected through slow dial up connections and other kinds of slow internet connections.

To overcome all these obstacles, the federal government and several private sectors are offering various competitive examinations to the candidates who are willing to work for them. One of these examinations is the Wireless Internet Qualification Exam (WIEQ), which is conducted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology. The WIEQ is designed to test an individual’s knowledge of the latest technologies used in today’s high speed internet services. An individual who successfully completes this exam will get a certificate stating that he or she possesses the knowledge required for a successful installation of a home wireless internet and broadband connection. These tests have been designed to help internet users access the internet conveniently and without any hindrances.

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