Safe Ways to Download Free Software

When downloading software, be aware of what you are obtaining. Some sites include adware or custom installers with the software download that could potentially harm your computer; however, there are some reputable sites which provide safe downloads.

Giveaway of the Day and MajorGeeks offer daily software giveaways; Giveaway offers free versions of paid software while MajorGeeks lists only 4-Star software applications.


Filehippo offers safe and straightforward software downloads for PCs and mobile devices alike, including free software available for Windows, Mac and Android OS platforms. Plus its user-friendly interface makes managing and updating programs a breeze!

Filehippo only hosts software directly from its creator or publisher and always goes through Virus Total for testing to make sure there are no spyware or viruses present. Furthermore, HTTPS encryption makes it much harder for hackers to spoof sites by redirecting you away from Filehippo to fake websites.

Website developers often make money through advertisers who pay to have their software advertised on the site. Users have the choice whether or not to accept these offers; it is always advisable to read over any terms and conditions prior to installing any software onto your device, especially pirated software that could potentially contain viruses and malware.

CNET Downloads

CNET has been around for 22 years and claims to provide trusted software download portal. Unfortunately, most users report feeling unsafe using CNET and distrusting its services.

CNET’s proprietary installer bundled with many programs on its site comes with special offers and content from third parties; this creates problems for businesses who do not wish to have their software associated with special offers; they may request to opt-out but this must be done individually.

Apart from that, there have been multiple reports of malware, adware and spyware being included with downloads on Filehippo, along with allegations of falsified ratings and Google search interference. As a result, it may be best to visit developer’s direct download pages instead. Filehippo stands out as being free from such things which is likely why many regard it more trustworthy.


ZDNet offers free software downloads for PCs and mobile devices. Their large collection of safe, virus-free software features reviews by expert editors to make finding what you’re looking for easier; additionally they have many categories to select from such as games and productivity applications.

To access ZDNet, users must first register for a free account by providing their name and email address. They then can select any channels of interest grouped together according to categories like news, sports, and technology; once selected they will begin receiving notifications for these selected channels.

To download ZDNet, all that’s necessary is an internet connection and computer running Windows OS. There are multiple ways of installing it on your computer – Bluestacks or MEmu are both free options that work similarly; MEmu may be more flexible and faster.


If you are an adept command line user, wget and curl are two invaluable programs to use when downloading files from SourceForge. Both tools make downloading multiple software packages much faster, saving both time and energy in the process.

SourceForge still provides many features beneficial to software developers, yet has lost ground to other repository hosting services like GitHub. Still, its software-download service remains immensely popular with consumers – hosting hundreds of open source projects daily with millions of downloads daily.

Avoid using SourceForge Windows software downloads whenever possible, as they frequently contain unwanted bundled junkware that pushes intrusive advertising onto users. Instead, visit each project’s official download page and follow its links for clean installation versions of its software. Alternatively, Ninite provides safe centralized downloads for an extensive range of useful apps for free; furthermore it features organic reviews so you can quickly locate what best meets your needs.

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